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2 Tier Cat Scratchers Blue Deluxe Sisal Nip Post Kitten Activity Pet Playing Toy

2 Tier Cat Scratchers Blue Deluxe Sisal Nip Post Kitten Activity Pet Playing Toy

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Are you looking for a fun toy for your cat but don't want to ruin your home furniture? These cat scratchers are the item your looking for! Easy to assemble, your cat is sure to have the best time scratching and clawing away at them ensuring their claws stay in the best condition possible. Coming in three different styles with multiple tiers they will keep your cats busy for hours so you can relax in peace and serenity knowing all is good with your pets.

Scratching objects not only leaves visual 'territory markings' but also deposits the cat's scent onto the object to further strengthen their territorial claim. As well as the territorial reasons, scratching helps to remove the outer layer from your cat's claws and is a vital part of their grooming behaviour. Finally, scratching is a great way for them to blow off steam and excess energy, helping to calm them with the release of certain hormones which relieve stress.

Made out of sisal they are healthy and safe in all ways, and also come with catnip making them the perfect item and gift for all pet lovers.

The 3 different types of scratchers are:

2 Tier Deluxe Scratcher:

  • 1x Silsal Post
  • 1x Cushioned Plush Base
  • 1x Cushioned Plush Platform
  • 1 x Assembly Instructions
  • Dimensions: H 41cm x W 35cm x D 35cm

2 Tier Deluxe Sisal Mat Scratcher

  • 1x Sisal Pole
  • 1x Plush Cushioned Base
  • 1x Cushioned Plush Platform
  • 1x Scratching Mat
  • 1x Assembly Instructions
  • H 46cm x W 66cm x D 35cm
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