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Lloytron DoorBell Dingdong MIP3 Battery Operated Portable Chime Kit White

Lloytron DoorBell Dingdong MIP3 Battery Operated Portable Chime Kit White

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PORTABLE DOORBELL KIT: Kit includes one battery operated bell push (attach with adhesive pad or screws) and one portable ‘Ding Dong’ chime receiver with a handy belt clip to carry with you hands-free around the home or business. There’s a hanging hole on the receiver too should you wish to attach it to the wall. Plus, it comes with a free window sticker to display by your front door to ward off cold callers.

EASY INSTALLATION: Linking wirelessly, there are no unattractive wires and no damage to walls to install. It’s already pre-programmed for use straight out of the box and should you have any problems there is an easy set up and troubleshooting manual included.

175M WIRELESS RANGE: With an unobstructed range of 175m, this portable door chime can be used around the home, garden or business; never miss a home delivery again or be alerted when a customer needs attention at a reception desk. You can boost the range by purchasing and linking an MIP Signal Booster accessory.

HIGH QUALITY ‘DING DONG’ TUNE: The chime receiver has a flashing strobe light indicator and plays a classic ‘Ding Dong’ melody with a high quality true sound specially designed for the UK market. The volume of the receiver cannot be controlled on this model and will sound up to 80dB – loud enough to be heard throughout the house.

LINK TO THE MIP SYSTEM: MIP System 3 is more than just a doorbell; with the ability to purchase and link up to 16 different accessories (bell push, chime receiver, magnetic sensor, PIR motion sensor, etc.) you can create the perfect alert system for your home or business. MIP System 3 allows you to choose different melodies for different bell pushes and transmitters with the flick of a switch.


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